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Kim Noeth
Kim Noeth

Hello. I’m Kim Noeth.

“I don’t know how our world’s collided but I’m so glad that they did.”

Being pregnant and considering adoption can be overwhelming and life changing. It’s scary to be the one responsible for making major decisions for yourself and for your child.

I remember.

I chose adoption for my son’s future many years ago. There wasn’t any support available to birth mothers back then. 

While things may have changed in the adoption industry today, many women considering placing their child for adoption still go through the process alone and unsupported.

Birth Moms Today was created to offer support and encouragement to women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

As a birth mom life coach and Certified Grief Recovery Specialist, I work diligently ensuring that a woman considering adoption for her child is presented with ALL available options and that she is equipped with what she needs to know to make the best choice for her and her child.

The adoption experience is one of the most complex relationships that all members of the adoption triad will have to work through.  Going through the adoption process feeling completely alone and unsupported should not have to be one of them!

I genuinely care about ensuring that all women considering adoption for their unplanned pregnancy, have access to someone who is on their team, lovingly working FOR THEM not working for the agency or adopting couple. But rather, another birth mother exclusively assisting her, who is concerned about her personal well-being as well as her child’s future.


Adoption is a choice that you do not want to make without knowing all the facts both before and after placement. Let me help you through the process.

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Birth Moms Today assists women who have placed many years ago and did not receive the proper support through Grief Healing as well as woman who are at the beginning of the adoption journey.

I work with with women from every location in a private online setting, locally in person or in a group workshop.

I’ve walked this path before and I can help you navigate your way too! Let’s do this together.